Friday, June 3, 2011

Repeat c-section

I really should have written this on Wednesday but I suppose now is as good of  a time as any.

I have been having a harder and harder time doing anything without pain due to the SPD (symphisis pubis dysfunction). My braxton hicks contractions are very constant (though not consistent) and are getting stronger. This is putting a lot of pain on my pubic bone. Because of this I have decided that doing a natural labor would be too excrutiating for me. So I would end up having an epidural (which I soooo wanted to avoid). These have been shown to slow down labors and since I am notorious for having long labors and the restrictions put on me for my VBAC to progress picture perfect or I would end up having a c-section, I decided to cut out the middle man and schedule my repeat c-section.

I know I will be 39 weeks on June 15th and that is probablly the day that it would be scheduled. When I went to my appt I told the doctor that I wanted to have the c-section because of the pain I am in. Because I am having so many contractions she decided to do an internal to see if there was any progress. NADA! 2 weeks worth of strong contractions and no progress. That just solidifies to me that I should do the repeat c-section.

I asked if there is any way possible that we could schedule it for the 13th. The reasoning for this is that Freddy works the weekends. Since I will not be working he still needs to work to make sure we have some sort of money coming in (oh the joys of being self employed). If I do it on the 15th I will come home on Friday. Saturday and Sunday would leave me alone to take care of the dogs, Valeska, newborn Dacian and try to recover from a c-section. Yeah. That's not gonna happen. I told the doc all about this and she agreed to do it on Monday June 13th!!!  This is also my BFF's birthday!  Dacian is named after my BFF. Her name is Susana but everyone calls her Sani. Dacian's full name is Dacian Marek-Sani (sani is also a Navajo name meaning "the old one"). So not only is he named after Sani but he will also be born on her b-day. That means a lot to me. Also, 13 is a lucky number. ;)

It feels great to know an exact day when he will be here. No more playing a guessing game. Saturday is also my last official day at work. I will be resting up all next week and getting the very final preparations ready for Dacian to come home. I am hoping since I will be relaxing and resting before my c-section this time that recovery will be much smoother and easier. I am preparing my body as much as I can.

Yesterday at work one of the moms who had a baby 4 weeks ago brought in her new little bundle. She is absolutely gorgeous. But seeing her made me freak out. Yes, major internal freak out. "OMG!! There is going to be one of THOSE coming out of me and into the world in just 11 days".  She was so tiny, and little, and tiny and helpless and tiny. Yes, you would think being and experienced mother already that I wouldn't be acting like this. But mind you it has been 7 years and I had my mind set that we would never have another child. I guess a bit more of reality is just setting in. But still. A tiny human is going to be here in just 10 days.

Here is me on Wednesday at 37 weeks. I think I am ready to rock and roll.


  1. I'm still so jealous you have an exact date, but at least I'm progressing pretty quickly, and have a light at the end of my tunnel (no pun intended!).

    I can't wait to see pictures of Dacian!

  2. *Major green monster, here* I want Mila here now, toooooo! *pout*

    I am so glad they agreed to the date you asked for, even though it was before 39 weeks. YAY!

    And LOL@ Meg's tunnel comment... that was hilarious! ;-)

  3. so so excited for you. That is too cool that he is named after your friend AND get's to share her birthday. I can't wait to see him! 9 days away!