Saturday, June 25, 2011

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I am not exactly sure how to go about starting this venture but I think here is a good start. I want to start showing people (in my community) how easy, affordable and convenient cloth diapering is. El Paso, TX happens to have a lot of very low income families. Because of this a lot of the families are unable to afford diapers. It is either eat or diaper my child. This is a critical problem here and I hope to improve this dire situation with a bit of my knowledge and growing experience.

I am on a very strict budget myself. I have stated before that I knew I wanted to cloth diaper right away when I found out I was pregnant with Dacian. This was mostly because I knew there was no way for us to afford the exorbitant amount that diapers cost.  I was fine with my decision and was completely expecting to have to use the old fashioned prefolds with pins and rubber pants. I knew that it would save us a lot of money and it would help us to be environmentally conscious. I started my research and found out the many different types of cloth diapers. They have come a long way. The downside is that a lot of them can be just out of financial reach. I love the idea of All In One cloth diapers but spending $25+ per diaper x's 10 diapers a day x's 2 days worth of laundry + getting the exact size you need for the size of the baby = severe discouragement.  I know I can't afford that.

There are a lot of us out there that are eco-conscious but find that a lot of the products marketed towards us are just too darn expensive. It doesn't need to be that way. I have found that being eco-conscious actually SAVES me money! This includes cloth diapering.  There are expensive brands and not so expensive (yet very high quality) brands. There are even ways to go about making your own to save even more money. All it takes is one person to show you how. It really is self sustainability too.

The benefits to cloth diapering are numerous and just needs to be explained clearly and comfortably. It really is so simple and too many people think it isn't possible for them. This really goes for low income families. It is easily doable no matter what your budget. I am living proof of this.

So, I want to start volunteering and hosting cloth diapering classes that are free to the community and paid for by company sponsorship. I will show the different types of cloth diapers out there, how to use them, how much they cost and also show how to make your own (out of t-shirts no less!!). I will also include basic sewing lessons so people can make their own diaper, wipes, blankets and more. The ideal would also be to have people/companies donate their used (but in working condition) sewing machines to give to these families so they can be self sustaining.

This is a large scale project that I will do that will start off small.

What I do know is that with all of my own DIY crafts, cloth diapering, breast feeding and making my own baby food that I have and will save us nearly $4000 over 3 years. I am wanting to share this knowledge with others. I am anxious to start this new venture.

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