Friday, June 10, 2011


While watching tv with Freddy and Valeska tonight I started wiggling Valeska's first loose tooth. I noticed the other day that her adult tooth is coming in from behind the baby one so I wanted to get it out.  We were giggling and laughing at how loose it was getting. Then I decided  to start pulling it.

She didn't seem to mind so much. I would stop if it would hurt too much. Then "crunch, crunch".  Out popped her tooth. We were both giggling so much at her reactions that she didn't even know I pulled it out. It shocked her! I must say though that she is very pleased.

Valeska is no longer a baby anymore but a big girl who has lost her first baby tooth. I am very happy yet saddened at the same time. I knew this day would come but I wanted it to wait just a big longer. It is so silly getting this emotional over a tooth but I just can't help it. My baby is no longer a baby. :(

It is also no secret that I don't like being pregnant. Maybe it would be different if I wasn't always in pain. This is my reality though. Now that I am 77 hrs from holding Dacian in my arms I am feeling a bit nostalgic. He is for sure and definately our last child. I am trying to enjoy these last fews days of pregnancy and not feel like I need to rush the next few days. I am in horrible pain but I am trying to look on the brighter side of things.

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