Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Due Date!!!

So today is my due date. I don't particularly miss being pregnant but I am missing the anticipation. We as preggos go so long waiting for our little one to arrive and then once the big day comes we are overjoyed. And then we get so busy with everything that goes with taking care of a new human being we tend to over look the fun we had anticipating the arrival of said little human.
Yes, it is frustrating and for some of us just down right painful. We get seriously jealous of others that have already met their babies and we long for the day we get to experience it. But, there is a sense of mystery in anticipating and waiting that is not easily matched. I miss that mystery. I love knowing exactly how he looks and how is personality is but, I am missing the feeling of wonder I had in the last days of pregnancy. I can however tell you that Freddy must be relieved to not hear my incessant questioning of what he thinks he might look like and yadda yadda yadda. lol

Obviously Dacian did arrive before his due date (thank the Goddess) so this is just another Wednesday for us.

The past week being home has been eventful. First off, we obviously came home from the hospital. I hate the first drive home. You are so paranoid of every driver on the street. You just want to hold up a sign that says "Newborn coming home from the hospital. Please do not drive like a jackass. Thanks for your cooperation."

Dacian is a wonderful baby. Very mellow and quiet. His awake times are quite peaceful and his sleep times are filled with cuddles. Valeska is a great big sister and helps as much as she can. She loves holding him.  Freddy is a typical dad and is overly cautious with him. He is a great daddy. I couldn't ask for anything better.

Valeska has lost her 2nd baby tooth. (and as I write this I totally forgot {and so did she} that the tooth fairy hasn't visited yet. I better get on that tonight). Her plant is growing so fast, just like her. She stated the other day that she can't believe she is in second grade now. Honestly, I can't believe it either.

We took Dacian to his first pedi's appointment when he was 3 days old. He lost 13oz but Dr. I says it can be typical of breastfed babies until the milk comes in. We were having great latching but wrong latching. So because of very sore, cracked, bleeding nipples I exclusively pump now. It was tough at first and he did have a few bottles of formula to supplement. I am happy to announce that a week later we are doing really good with the exclusive pumping. My supply is getting up there (finally) and I may even be able to start a freezer stash soon.  Yesterday we took him to get his circ (please no comments on this) and he was up 6oz in 5 days!!! Hopefully at his 2 week appt he will be back up to birth weight.

Yesterday we also went downtown and I took Valeska and Dacian to the library. They have a beautiful kid's section and Valeska was in heaven. It was also a nice quiet break from the heat. I think we will be making regular trips down there. Even though we have the nook, it is really nice to hold a real book in your hands. She ended up reading 4 books. I love that she loves to read. It makes my heart swell.

We ran a few other errands and then in the evening my friends from Omaha came into town. They are a band called Strap On Halo. They are playing a venue here tonight and I am so excited. I love them dearly and their music kicks ass. A kick back to old school goth. 1 week post partum from a c-section and I am going to a show. Wooohoooo! Yeah, I rock!!

Last night we took them to Carlos and Mickey's and we had a great time eating veggie chimichangas, drinking texas size margaritas (these things are the size of your head and soooo delish), and dieing over the best fried ice cream ever. It is great having them here. Even if it is only for a day.

There is so much more to update but I wont bore you with all the minor details of our lives (for right now).

I hope to keep this updated frequently again now that we are on a "schedule" of sorts.

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