Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time to complain

Obviously by what you may have read, I am not a happy go lucky preggo. I hate pregnancy and flame me all you like for this but I could give a hottananny less what you may think without feeling what I feel.

Here is my complaint list right now because I am soooooo over it.

First and foremost this SPD pain is for the birds. Yes hips hurt during pregnancy and yes you can be quite "uncomfortable" but this is beyond that. I feel like my pubic bone is literally ripping apart. My hips are so out of alignment that I can't walk, stand, sit or lay down for any significant amount of time. Lifting my foot to get into the car is always a challenge and driving is next to impossible.

Heartburn and Acid Reflux. I hate you. No, seriously. I hate you. This child is so far up under my ribs that my stomach feels like it is in my throat. I can't seem to do anything without feeling like I am on fire or that I am going to spontaneously projectile vomit. Eating is not enjoyable anymore and I avoid for as long as I can.  even drinking water hurts. *sigh*

Cankles. See post below. Not only are these things extremely unsightly but they hurt. This 99 degree heat is doing nothing for it either. Why did I marry a man who is a desert rat?

Skin breakouts. I feel like a teenage boy hitting puberty. I haven't had a nice day of skin in months. Either I am broken out in little red spots on my cheeks, or I have random pimples, or I have overly dry skin in one place and overly oily skin in another. I am too ugly not to wear makeup but the makeup only seems cover it up for about an hour.

Back pain. The boobs are too big, the baby is too big, butt is too big, baby is just too darn big, and my poor spine can't take much more of this. I feel like I may just topple over soon.

Can't reach ANYTHING. I am at the point that even wiping is getting extremely difficult. I haven't been able to put on my own underwear or pants for a while now because of the SPD. Now, I can't put lotion on my legs. If I drop something on the floor, I leave it there.

I love my child dearly but he needs to get out NOW. 

Pity party over. And please don't tell, "It'll be over soon. Not much more to go" because yesterday was not soon enough.  If you are one of those pregnant women that absolutely love it and have very little issue at all, I  hate you too. Not really but I am jealous.


  1. I say it's tequila time for the both of us after the bebes get here! lol (No offense to Johnny/Jack Sparrow... but screw the rum!) What say you?! lol

  2. I am so down!!! Patron and Corona. Here we come!!

  3. I should be in your general area right after Halloween (we have a tradition here!), so just in time for LC Ren Faire. We'll have to have a margarita (or 10) to celebrate getting through another pregnancy! <3

  4. OH that would be great. We can dress up the LOs for Ren Faire as well :D

  5. OMG I know what you mean. I can hardly wipe either. I actually asked DH to help me the other day (he said no btw). I dropped a few cocoa pebbles on the floor this morning and I'm hoping the cats will eat them. Just remember it's almost over =)

  6. Ugh - SO SORRY you are in so much pain! Hope Mr. Dacian gets here healthy and soon so you can feel better!