Wednesday, May 4, 2011

33 weeks and Gorilla Head

Here I am at 33 weeks. And yes, I am sure I have 7 weeks until my due date.
Today I had my 33 week appt. This was the one I was going to ask all my bazzillion questions about labor and delivery. It didn't go as well as I had hoped. We will be doing the VBAC. I am able to get just the hep lock and not the IV if not necessary, I can get the epidural line in and not the meds unless I feel I need it or in case of an emergency, I can labor at home for a while but she would feel comfortable if I went in at 711 rather than 511. The downsides are that I must have constant monitoring which means I am stuck in bed, I need to show progression of a cm per hour or I get a c-section. So basically if I am admitted at 5cm and I don't show any progress in 2 hours it is a c-section. Or, I am admitted at 5cm and I progress to 7 and then stall out for 2 hours then it is a c-section.

This blows. Since I will be stuck in bed that means the potential to stall out increases because there is no pressure of the baby's head on my cervix to make it dialate. I wont have the option of pitocin or the foley bulb. I know my rights as a patient and can refuse the c-section if I don't feel it is necessary but that just puts me in a defensive position which may not fair well with my doc or the nurses on staff.  Let's just hope little man and my body cooperate for a smooth and ideal labor and delivery.

Every time Freddy and I go to an appointment he always has some funny quirky thing to say. It is what everyone calls an "Aye Freddy" moment or what I call a "Freddyism". Last time it was about the snakes, ovaries and vagina's with teeth (see previous blog posting).  Today he was telling me about how happy he is now that he is regular. I of course don't want to hear about his bowel movements. Not because it is gross but because I am severely jealous. I think the other day I almost distended my colon trying to go. Anyway, he was telling me about it and I told him how jealous I was and how not only does the constipation suck but how his (dacian's) gorilla head is blocking things from moving along too.  (we call him gorilla head since he has Freddy's big head and big brow that makes him look a little gorilla like. I think it is a cute physical quirk Freddy has an it is not meant to be mean). 

Then Freddy says "that should be your The Bump posting today, 'Gorilla Head off My Colon'" and he and I began laughing hysterically. This was not an easy thing to do while trying to walk with my SPD and a full bladder.

Speaking of SPD, I finally got a prescription for Tylenol 3 so hopefully I can get some sleep soon.This should be happening in T minus 10 minutes. :) I'll let you know how I slept. :D  Preggo brain almost got the best of me though. I almost took 2 of them. Now that would have been scary.

The other day I read from a fellow bumpie that Graco discontinued the high chair pattern that she wanted and wasn't able to get it. I started looking online for her but to no avail. So, I decided to look up ours on (the only place I could find it) to see if it was still on sale. Mind you, this is the ONLY thing Freddy is obligated to buy.  I almost kicked him in the head! It is out of stock and possibly discontinued! I am fuming at this point. I really want THAT high chair in THAT pattern. It matches our decor perfectly and it is a 4 in one. It is everything I wanted and more.  I couldn't look at him for a couple of days.

So, after our appointment today we decided to go to a local baby store that is definately on the high end of things. We were just going to go to look and kill time. Oh, it is definately beautiful and way out of our budget. They had the MamaRoo (btw, this thing is so outrageously cool), the ErgoBaby carrier (I just may break down and buy one), and I finally got to see these Petunia PickleBottom diaper bags everyone raves about (honestly, I didn't like them). I also saw the Peg Perego strollers. I am glad I got to see them to compare to the stroller we got. Yep, I like the First Years Wave so much better. The Peg Perego was quite nice but in comparison it looked "cheap".  We look around some more and what do I see? MY HIGHCHAIR!!!

OMG. I was so happy. I also like that I finally got to see it in person (everything we bought, we bought online and didn't see before buying it). I loved it even more. They only have 2 in stock and wont be getting any more. We didn't have the money to get it today but hopefully Freddy can manage it soon. I told my boss about my adventures today and she asked if I wanted an advance to buy it. I really want to say yes, but I don't like oweing anyone anything. So i am torn but I just may cave by next week so I can get it.  This makes a very hormonal and irrational pregnant woman extremely happy!

Today was a good and not so good day. I can feel the hands of a deep peaceful slumber pulling me under so I shall sign off. Nighty night.


  1. Wowza, you are gorgeous! I'm so jealous, it's almost crazy!

    I am very glad you get to attempt the VBAC! I will be lighting candles and crossing my fingers!

    And just take the advance before your high chair is gone. That was Fate telling you to buck up and get what you want.

    *much love*

  2. Girl... get the high chair... or else you know you'll be kicking yourself later for not doing it!

    And I hope that T3 helped you sleep last night!!

  3. You look fabulous! Let's be friends!
    I'm Natalie and I'm pregnant now too.
    How do you feeling?