Monday, May 2, 2011

Another Room to Tackle

I promised Valeska that we would redo her room to make it a "big girl" room. She gets to choose the theme or color scheme and I would help her. I was looking at Etsy yesterday and found a really cute Nightmare Before Christmas crib set. I would have gone with this if I didn't find the pirate theme for Dacian's room first. Oh well. Valeska said she wanted a NBC room (without Oogie Boogie). I posted this on FB and a sweet friend is giving Valeska a good amount of her old NBC stuff. So, we will be doing her room in a NBC and Monster High theme. Her favorite is Frankie Stein so I will run with that.

Here are some pics of her room currently and I will explain what I plan on doing.  We can't paint the walls but I hope to get some crown molding and Valeska and I will paint that.

Obviously her bed. Not sure how we will be doing this as I do not have all the stuff from my friend yet but hoping to do a combo of bedding with NBC stripes and turquoise (blue), black and white argyle print. We might also redo her shelf and possible put it over the head of her bed now. We do have another 4 poster bed that is in the attic and just may replace this one with that one and paint it the blue we decide to go with.

 This weekend we got the two shelving units for $10 a piece! We will be painting this in a combo of the blue we decide on, black and white. I am thinking black on the outside, blue on the inside and put white on the accent parts. The tv unit will be painted to match the shelves.

I want to get a blue, black and white argyle print material to make the curtains out of. Depending on the items we get from my friend I will make them to match the bedding.

Not sure how this will come out yet.

This desk we got from my BFF. I am planning on painting to match the shelving units and the tv cabinet.  I want to put the same material that the curtains and bedding will be made out of in the back of the desk where the hole is. Eventually she will have her own netbook to do homework on.

 Better picture of the shelving units we got. Black on the outside, blue on the inside and white where all the accents are. Can you tell she loves horses and Littlest Pet Shop?
She wants a big girl room and I know she is ready for it but she is having the damndest time with the thought of getting rid of her Little Pet Shop stuff. It is really cute. The pains of growing up.

I will post pics of it in progress and also when we finish. Hopefully before June.

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  1. If you DO move the shelf above the head of her bed, you could easily attach some chiffon/gauzy material to hang down from it. Seems to be pretty popular among girls lately.