Monday, May 16, 2011

Dove in Dacian's Room

I wasn't able to post this for a while due to Blogger having issues. So, sorry it is late but here it is.

Sitting on the couch after Freddy leaves. Aries and I see a white thing blow into the upstairs hallway. Thinking it might be a piece of paper blow from Valeska's room from the wind, I go upstairs to put it away and close the window. Aries finds it before i get up there and goes to Dacian's room. What did he find? A dove! All windows and door are closed in the house. We have NO CLUE how he got in there. He is so cute though.
I am a bit freaked out, only because Doves are released during funerals. I am trying to think this is a positive peaceful sign.

1 comment:

  1. My family ran a dove release business for several years. Funerals were actually the least of our business.

    Weddings, openings and other celebrations were the most common. I definitely say it's a positive sign!