Thursday, April 28, 2011

what nots and wheres hows

No real super exciting news to report from here. It's been a slightly busy week. Had a good Eostre with Valeska. We colored eggs and she found them in the morning. We lounged about all day until Freddy came home. Then we lounged some more.

Took Valeska for a dental check up on Tuesday. Found out she has one cavity thanks to Freddy and all of his enabling of sweets.

We got a Nook Color on Wednesday. Valeska and I are officially addicted. It really is such a neat device. We got our magazine subscriptions to National Geographic, Parenting (school years), Fit Pregnancy, and National Geographic Kids. I could have sworn that her favorite app would have been Angry Birds. Nope, her favorite one a math one. :) This makes me very happy. She is reading some her chapter books and enjoying the National Geographic Kids. I finally got Water for Elephants and am enjoying it so far. I also got "The womanly art of breastfeeding". I heard it is good. I am loving my National Geographic and my favorite app so far is the Epicurious one. Very awesome purchase for the family.

Today we took Valeska for her annual physical. She is doing great. She is 75th percentile for weight (she is built like me and has a lot of muscle mass) and 60th percentile for height. So she is just slightly above average in height. Her site is perfect and so is everything else. Freddy and I must be doing something right. :D  Then we took her back to the dentist to get her crown put on and some sealants for her other teeth.  We spent some time and Barnes and Noble today. She read some of the books in the kids section. I used the WiFi to finish setting up the Nook. I am proud to say that this is officially both of our favorite store.

Last night was a bit strange. For the 3rd time this pregnancy I woke myself up laughing. Not just a giggle but a full blown hysterical laughing fit with tears and all. The dream was of course weird and very difficult to explain, so I wont. I woke up laughing so hard I woke up Freddy and the dogs again. I was laughing so hard I couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes. I suppose this is a great stress reliever but, wow. I definately have had my fair share of vivid pregnancy dreams. Even some really good ones is you know what I mean.  But this laughing thing, is just a bit strange.

I also have been diagnosed with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. It is so good to know the root cause of all of my pain. There isn't a whole lot I can do about it but at least I have a reason for the hip seizures, severe pubic bone pain, dramatic waddle, why it hurts like hell to turn over at night, why I can't even put my own underwear on anymore. Freddy has been helping me with some of the exercises but yet sometimes it seems like he thinks I am making up (or at least being overly dramatic about) the pain I am in and the severity of it. 
Frustrating to say the least.

I do hope that this doesn't hinder my chances for my VBAC. It's not that I can't deliver vaginally it is just that I hope the pain doesn't get so bad within the next 8 weeks that I cave into the CS like I did with Valeska. Only time will tell.

This weekend is going to be fun for me. I bought some material to make some fellow bumpies some baby blankets and matching burp cloths. Since I am almost done with all of my sewing, and I am still on a blanket kick I thought I would share the love.  Maybe this will keep myself in the katookuss to open up a new Etsy store.

I also have some great things to show you guys for little boys but that will be the next blog entry.


  1. I'm glad you're loving your Nook Color. I'd have gotten one of those, but I really loved the fact that Kindle doesn't have the glare, so I can read outside and such. I have an iPhone, so I don't need more apps. Haha.

    And thank you again for the gifting of the blanket/burp cloths! I'm thankful, and can't wait to see! I wish I could do that sort of craft. *wistful sigh*

    As to the Etsy shop... I'll totally endorse that! ;-)

  2. How are you likeing Water for Elephants? I loved it!

    I'm reading the La Leche League Womanly are of BF'ing right now too. It's good but hard to keep my attention into it. I know thats bad. I find myself skipping. :/

    Oh and I've done the sleep laugh before too! Before pregnancy. It's even worse because when you wake up and realize that what you wer laughing at is so dumb you start cracking up even more. DH thought I was nuts the rare times it happened.