Sunday, April 17, 2011

A better week

It is kind of nice not keeping such a dark secret anymore. Now that more people know I don't have to pretend as much. That is a huge load off my shoulders. I don't have "act" happy when I am not. It is definately a relief.

Freddy has been extremely supportive though he doesn't even really know how to deal with it. He is trying and that is the best that he can do. I do love him dearly.

I know that I will probablly change my mind a few thousand more times before Dacian is born but now I am back on my VBAC and  breastfeeding band wagon. Yesterday was a long day working and running around and ended up extending myself physically too much. I was in a ton of pain yesterday and today. If it is that painful to walk around with stressed out muscles,  then the c-section is only going to be worse. I think I should at least try the for the VBAC so healing is so much faster.  I know I want to breastfeed. I just get in such foul fits that I don't want anyone to touch me and the idea of breastfeeding repulses me. Hopefully those lows don't hit me after he is born.

We are coming up on week 31. This means the countdown officially begins. Waiting so very impatiently for it to end :D

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