Friday, March 4, 2011

Valeska and Depression?

This week has not been a good week for Valeska. She got in trouble at school for talking too much and not finishing her work on Monday and today she comes home with her spelling test and at the bottom is says "boo at Mrs.Olsen". I also found out that she told her friend that she is going to kill her. I guess she has been telling people that and that she wants to die.

I talk to her for a quite a while. I am a bit worried. My mother and sister have depression. The highs can be really high and the lows can be really low. We talked and talked and talked. Monday Freddy and I are going to talk to the school and see if she can't talk to the counselor once or twice a week.

I think the GT (gifted and talented) program at school will help her to keep focus. I hope my baby does not have depression. The meds scare me but a 6 yo talking about dieing scares me even more.

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