Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Specialist Appointment

We went for our specialist appointment for the echogenic foci that was found on Dacian's heart at the anatomy scan.  The office staff was so wonderful and nice. The ultrasound tech was so much more friendly then the previous one we had. She was explaining everything to us. I had no problem asking questions this time around. The doctor then came in and was an absolute doll! The doctor asked if either of could be related and we laughed really hard and also asked if we were of asian decent.

She reminded us again why were there and they both looked at his heart. Freddy was right. He does have a perfect heart. It happens that the walls of the valves are just a bit thicker so it showed up brighter on the orignal ultrasound.  I swear I almost cried.  They did the full scan over again and explained to us how everything looks perfect. *deep sigh of relief*

We asked if he was still a boy and yep, he is not shy about his goods at all. She even showed us his tail bone when going over his spine. Freddy asked if they could see if he had hair and at this point she said it is peach fuzz but definately something. This really was a moment for the two of us to treasure forever. She told us he is a big boy and measuring a week ahead and is 1lb 12oz already! (mind you I am only 25 weeks along).

Here are 2 of the 3D photos they gave us today.

I will also be switching doctors tomorrow. I love my doctor. I loved the attention I got when I was pregnant Valeska. This time around though I am disappointed. I have only seen him once. That was at my first appointment. I have seen all the other doctors and one in particular twice. I have grown to really really like her. I found out the other day that she opened up her own practice. I called today to see if I can go to her and got an appointment immediately for tomorrow. :O

I am hoping since she knows me better then anyone else and what has been going on with the pregnancy and all of wishes that I will get more personalized attention.  I will post an update on how that goes.

Thank you to all of our well wishers and prayers sent to our little man. It means more then anyone can know to know that we have such a wonderful system of support online and in r/l. I hope love and light will always follow you.

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  1. WHEW! I am so glad he's ok! I think it's hilarious that he's not shy about his anatomy! LOL!
    *much love*