Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Non-baby stuff for goth parents?

I bet you can tell by now that I am not into the super duper baby looking items. It's not that I "feel" I need to have everything "goth", it's that I just am not into all the super duper baby looking items. They are only a baby for so long and the baby could really care less what his/her room or item look like. However, high contrast colors such as black, white and red have been proven to stimulate a baby's eyesight and affect the intellegence of the child later on in life. I do believe this. All of my children have had high pattern rooms with very bright colors and are admittedly quite intellegent. Enough of my bragging.

So, what is a goth parent to do when they don't want pastels for their child or items to match the home decor? Enter in....................the Graco Edgemont collection. This was truely a dream come true for me since it is the patterns that I love AND it matches the decor of my house. Here is what we purchased and what I highly reccomend.
I made these pictures larger so you can see the pattern on them.
I am so proud of the collection and wish to share it with everyone. Kudos to Graco for creating a collection that is not only sophisticated but functional as well. Keep up the good work!!

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