Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Upcycled Chairs

I had 2 chairs that came with my kitchen table a couple of years ago. These were in used condition and just needed some paint and TLC. An old neighbor had given it to us when he moved out. I of course took them. I repainted the table and had gotten 4 other chairs for $25 a while ago. So, my dining room as been done for a while. My conundrum was that I still had these 2 other chairs just sitting in my house.

They of course were just a nice wood and needed to be reupholstered and didn't match my decor at all. I didn't want to get rid of them but was getting severely annoyed with them at the same time.

Yesterday I bought some new material in the damask print that I love and got a gallon of black semi-gloss paint at Lowe's for $24.

Last night I was so excited to start the project. Even though I was exhausted I painted the chair bases and reupholstered the seats with new padding and the material.

I am now absolutely in love with my chairs. They create a beautiful accent to my newly (in process) designed  living room. Tonight and tomorrow I will upcycle the wooden coffee table and end tables that my BFF gave me.

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