Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cavallero Fangs

Yes. I am eccentric. I have been known to be over the top. It is all in good fun. I like escaping the realities of life sometimes. I like to be a character or a "side" of me even if it is for a short while.

While at Gothla.US a few years ago I met a wonderful man named Leo Cavallero that had a booth. He was making theatrical vampire fangs. You know my gothy heart almost stopped beating. I was so happy to meet someone who did that. Downside, I had braces on that year. Enter in, heartbreak.

Luckily I went back the next year and was honored at the fact that Leo actually remembered who I was. Freddy was so nice and new how bad I wanted a pair that he purchased some for me. He happened to have won a free pair as a door prize. Lucky bastage.

Leo did an absolutely wonderful job and I wore them for quite the many show. Here is my "Keshali" dance with my serpentine style fangs that he helped make specifically for this character.
Ok. so you can't see the fangs that well but they worked out perfect.
He is so reasonably priced and does an absolutely amazing job. So you need to get your own by Cavallero Fangs. I swear it is totally worth it. Contact him NOW!

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