Friday, July 22, 2011

Dusting off!

Um, yeah. I have been a bit MIA on the blogging. Sorry about that. It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks.

Since I went back to work 3 weeks ago it has been crazy trying to figure out our routine around here. Work has been a rollercoaster. A lot of changes for the good going on but the transitio is tough. I am trying to stick through it. But, it has left me exhausted.

Dacian and Valeska are doing great. V turned 7 last Sunday and tomorrow we have her birthday party slash meet the baby party at my BFF's house. Tomorrow will require its own posting.

D has set into a nice rhythm. We are also at breast feeding a couple of times a day. He is a very lazy eater, either that or I am only tolerant of nursing for so long. I don't mind if he is just chillin and eating away, do that for however long you like, as long as you are eating. I still pump every 4 hours and top him off with a bottle.

Right now we are hitting his 6 week growth spurt so he is eating upwards of 5-6oz a feeding and he just gets frustrated at the breast because it is not fast enough for him. At least we get our one on one bonding time when he chills.

I am officially cloth diaper obsessed. Yes. I said I would not be and only stick with one kind of CD but this did not happen. I got bit by the CD bug. I am selling all of Best Bottom diapers. They just did not work out for us. I have been obsessed with GDiapers, Thirsties Duo Aplix, Weehuggers and Bummis. I have recently bought 6 more GDiaper covers with GCloth, 14 extra GCloth, 2 Weehuggers, 1 Thirsties Duo Aplix (BFF got me 2 other ones), 1 Bummis froggie cover and BFF got me a Swimmi from Bummis.  My obsession and addiction has only been fueled by (omg!! used cloth diapers in my budget! and clothes) and a diaper swapper forum on Facebook.

How bad is it that I love washing them too? I wish everyone could experience this joyous phenomena. Why is it that us cloth diaper mamas get like this? I think it may be because it is like clothing for their butts. It is so cute and you just can't stop. So much more fun than disposables that make it a chore. It is supposed to save us money and I am sure eventually it will but for now, I am enjoying my cloth diaper shopping.

I also finally ran out of my Method cleaner for all the cleaning I do around the house. Now I am using a vinegar cleaning solution. I hope this works just as well as the Method (so hard to tear myself away from it). I will post a review and findings next week.

Nothing else new to really report here at the EcoGothHouse. No news is good news.

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