Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby wipes and t-shirt bags (how I made them)

I needed cloth baby wipes desperately (for some reason the flannel ones I made keep disappearing and were too small anyway) and I didn't want to spend any more money (did I mention how cheap I am?).  I also needed a few multipurpose bags but also didn't feel like spending any amount of money. I have heard of using old t-shirts for using cleaning wipes and read on a few blogs that old t-shirts work great for baby wipes too.

I finally got off my katookus and pulled out some of Freddy's old t-shirts that he doesn't wear anymore. 

I got 45 large size cloth wipes out of 3 t-shirts. They are large in size so it can clean up a lot and will fit Freddy's hands too.

This is our changing station downstairs with the cloth wipes and homemade cloth wipes. Wipes solution bottle is an old Method bottle (biodegradable) cleaned out and solution is water, baby oil and baby wash.

I found this great site Web Design School and how I can reuse old t-shirts. I liked their idea about using old t-shirts to make multipurpose bags. Though I knew I could do it easier which much less sewing (for those of us with limited sewing skill or are just lazy).

I cut off the sleeves,

then the neck line,

sewed the bottom hem of the shirt (double stitched for durability),

then flipped inside out.

If you find the straps are too long you can sew those shorter.

I was able to make 4 in less than 15 minutes.

One I used to hold the extra t-shirt remnants for cleaning rags, 2 I made for Valeska to carry her toys around in without having to have a big bag or having my car full of toys and one is by the front door to use for shopping. :D

All of this was done in 1 hour from first cut to finish.

2 more steps on getting rid of disposables. Yesterday I started using cloth diapers that were gifted to me as cleaning rags :D No more paper towels. Freddy even agreed!! I am converting him one cloth item at a time. :D

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