Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby wearing failure and success

We have been trying desperately to figure out  way to carry Dacian around hands free pretty much since he was born. I have looked at, researched, tried on all kinds of carriers. The Ergo Baby, Moby wrap, Infinito. Nothing suited us quite the way wanted.

The Moby looks great but seems complicated. I know it gets easier after a few times but it also looks really hot. We live in the southwest desert. This would not work for us. Even inside.

The Ergo, Infinito and other brands are just too bulky and didn't fit Freddy or I the way that we would like and to wear around the house it just didn't seem possible. And again, hot.

I was so excited to get a Hotsling online on a diaper swap page on Facebook for only $20. It didn't fit. Even though it was the size that the website suggested based on my measurements. So, I made it bigger and even adjustable for me and Freddy both. Failure. Dacian hates to be on his back. Also he doesn't like being swaddled. Held yes, swaddled no. I also didn't like the way it put so much weight on my upper back. I have back problems as it is having a nine pound baby and huge boobs just didn't work.

So, I was looking around again. Then I came across a Mai Tei. I have heard of these but never saw one. I looked at a few different sites and thought this is it. This is the perfect carrier for us. Just basic fabric and holds Dacian exactly the way he likes to be held. Upright and on our chests. But,  they are expensive!! I don't have $70 + to spend right now.

So, my crafty self made my own. I used left over materials from when I reupholstered my furniture (cotton quilting material), leftover minky dot (for padding inside shoulder straps and head support), and a piece of stiffened felt (for head support).

An hour and a half later we have baby wearing success!! It fits both Freddy and myself perfectly, Dacian loves it. We are hands free sitting, standing, walking, cooking, whatever!

I will be making more and selling them for $40 - $50. All custom made and in the colors, material patterns you want.


  1. you did SUCH a good job and I LOVE the print!! I wish I was crafty enough to make one! I love love love it!

  2. Love it! Looks like its nice and comfy, and supports him well! Depending on what goes on with our trip to Louisiana, you may be getting a call/txt from me to have you make me one! I just want to wait and see what ends up happening with our "Meet the Baby" party that my MIL and SIL are throwing for us. =)