Friday, July 22, 2011

Crying it out and co-sleeping

If you do this, I think you are an asshole. Sorry to be rude but seriously?! You can just sit there and listen to your baby scream for you to comfort him/her and you blatantly ignore it because you want to get some more sleep?

You bitch about how painful it was for you to do that but you don't even think about how your child feels. You are a selfish twat.

Now, I don't mean letting them fuss and cry while you are putting away laundry real quick or stuffing your cloth diapers but the jerks who purposely have their child cry and scream to exhaustion because they don't care enough to cater to their child's needs, wants, or desires. Ugh.

Onto nicer sweeter things.

I love co-sleeping with my kids. Valeska is 7 and still comes down and sleeps in our bed when she feels she needs comfort for any reason (can you tell we didn't let her "cry it out"? but I digress). We, and I say we because Freddy completely and wholey agrees with me on this, that we would not give up that intimate time with our children for anything in the world. They will soon be old enough to not want to do it so why not enjoy it while we can. I don't think this is a "habit" to break but something that you can either deal with or not. I would never try to make this stop. My heart breaks a little when I think of how the kids will be old enough one day that they will stop on their own. They will no longer need us to feel secure, warm and safe in our family bed.

Now, time to pump and go co-sleeping with my little man.

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  1. I'm almost 26, and when my mom was here to help out for a week after D was born, I went and climbed into bed with her one morning.

    Some of my fondest memories are of my family of 6 and 2 dogs all trying to fit into my parents' king sized bed. I now love snuggling with D in the morning getting a few extra minutes of sleep before we get up for the day, or snoozing with him on the couch in the afternoon.