Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Smelly good stuffs!

I love Scentsy, candles, and just about anything smelly good. It is a bit of an obsession. I have backed off a little bit on the use of such things because I am aware of other people's possible sensitivities to such smells. My BFF is highly sensitive to scent and will get a migraine almost instantly with colognes, perfumes and other stuff that isn't natural or high quality. I also have a mantra now, "If I can't put it in my body, it isn't used in my house". The one exception is laundry soap.

Since being laid off and on an even tighter budget this means I can't buy my smelly good stuff for a while. I have some Scentsy burners but no more of the wax. So what does crafty me do? I make my own!

As you know I LOVE the smell of cloves so here is my most awesome smelly good recipe.

1/2 organic lemon (regular lemon would do but if you can go organic, why not?)
Some Cinnamon Sticks
Whole Cloves (on the Cinnamon and Cloves you can figure out how much you like)
1 to 1 1/2 cups water

Cut up lemon into 3 wedges. Put cinnamon sticks, lemon wedges, cloves and water in a small sauce pan. Bring pot to a soft boil. I let this sit for about an hour or so. The house smells DIVINE!!
Being one not to waste I save the concoction in a jar and save it for later. When I want the house to smelly good again I put a little bit of the mixture into the top of the Scentsy burner (one lemon wedge a few of the other ingredients and a bit of water). The warmer warms up the cinnamon lemon clove water to the right temp and the house smells great again.

Now, Do you love air fresheners? Like Febreze? Me too!! Do you hate the chemicals? Me too!! So, what do we do? We make our own!!

Put about 20 drops of lavender oil (I like clove oil too :D ) into a small spray bottle with a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda (also known as baking soda in case you didn't know), top up with distilled water, shake and hey presto you have a natural disinfectant, antibacterial room spray that smells wonderful!

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  1. I love you, Sarah! lol. I'm definitely going to try out both of these!=)