Saturday, February 26, 2011

Start of something new

As I was driving from work to pick up Freddy today I was thinking of all the stuff that I do that is eco-friendly and how I can be more so. I have found so many great ideas and am only encouraged more by my BFF. I also realized that I haven't come accross too many eco-friendly goths and even less eco-friendly goth parents/families. Yet, I know that all of us want to save money and I have (in my ventures) come to realize that being eco-friendly is quite easy on the bank account.

So bam! Here comes EcoGothMom. This is all about my ventures in anything and everything eco-friendly that I can experience or experiment with, goth friendly interior design all the while upcycling and recycling, and how all of this affects my parenting and vice versa.

So this is in reality a bit of everything. You will find some eco-friendly stuff, goth stuff, family/household stuff and parenting tips and experiences. I hope to make it is accessible and open as I can.

Have a great night.

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